23 April 2014

My Must Have Beauty Tools

This post is all about beauty tools. Not brushes (you can read that here ) but all the other tools that I think are essential to have around. Some of them may seem rather obvious but let's just look past that shall we. 

Cotton Pads/Rounds:
I use these for everyday to apply toner. I also soak them in Bioderma Micellar Water to remove all my makeup. I prefer to get the large face ones because you end up using less of them and they take less time to use. It used to take me ages to remove makeup when I was using the cotton rounds for eyes. I also like to use cotton rounds if I've gone a bit too heavy on the foundation. I take a clean cotton round and press it on the area where things are looking a little cakey. I use the bog standard cotton rounds from Asda.

Pointed Cotton Buds:
Whoever came up with this idea, thank you! Pointed cotton buds are probably the most useful beauty tool you will own. These are a must have for winged liner. I like to soak the pointed end in a bit of Bioderma (again!) and then go in and clean up the flick. It makes the wing look really sharp and polished. They also do a great job at smudging out eyeliner because the pointy end means you can get right in there and smudge away. Seriously, after reading this post, go out and buy pointed cotton buds, they'll change your life! 

Having two pairs of tweezers is ideal; one of eyebrows and one for false lashes. If you don't wear falsies, then one pair is fine but if you do, you need to have separate ones for hygiene reasons. I mean imagine getting eyelash glue in your eyebrows. Something tells me that's a disaster everyone wants to avoid! I use Tweezerman tweezers for my brows but for eyelashes, I'm not bothered with brand. 

Makeup Sanitising Spray:
This is an absolute essential, especially for a makeup artists. I like to spray my makeup products before and after I use them on a client. This ensures everything is clean and safe to use. Even if you aren't a makeup artist, this is still important. Makeup harbours bacteria which you then put on your face. Spraying your makeup with something like the Pro Makeup Collection Makeup Sanitising Spray keeps everything bacteria free. You can also use it on eyelash curlers, tweezers and pretty much all makeup/beauty tools that are not disposable! I purchased this spray from LoveMakeup but you can also find it on Cult Beauty. 

Brush Cleaner:
Like your makeup, you need to keep your brushes clean. At the moment I use the Mac Brush Cleaner but I want to get the Pro Makeup Collection Brush Cleaner because it's a little cheaper and comes in a spray bottle. Spot cleaning your brushes is really something you should be doing often, particularly if you use them everyday. Just spray the cleaner onto a paper towel or onto the brush and swirl it around on the paper towel until the colour comes off. You'll be able to tell when it's clean. The brushes are dry in a couple of minutes depending on the size of the brush. I do this every time I have used brushes on a client.

Cotton Face Cloths:
These are great for pretty much everything. I use them every day as part of my skincare routine to remove my cleanser. I like to run it under hot water because it feels really relaxing when you take off your cleanser. It makes the experience far more spa like! These are also great for exfoliating your lips. They're just fab to have around. I buy mine from George at Asda so they're cheap as chips. 

So there you have it; all of my essential tools that I have to have in my kit at all times. This can be for personal or professional use; I do the same for both. It sounds like it would be pretty expensive but a lot of them are the basics that you can find in drugstores and supermarkets. The cleaners are also pretty inexpensive and will last a long time so in total it won't cost too much.

What are you must have beauty tools? Have I missed anything out?

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