12 April 2014

My Eyebrow Routine

I'm just going to get it out in the open; I love eyebrows! I could spend hours trying to make them perfect. To me, eyebrows are one of the most important features on a person's face. Good brows really frame and open up the face.

I've broken down my eyebrow routine into different steps:

Step 1: Shape

I leave this one to the professionals! I get my eyebrows threaded every 2-3 weeks. I used to get them waxed but I developed a weird reaction to it and comparing the results, I prefer threading. It is painful, however, threading gets every last hair even the ones you don't know are there! Finding the right person to do it is also really important. I found mine through recommendations.

Step 2: Maintenance

Eyebrows are easier to maintain once they have been shaped and groomed professionally. In between appointments, I pluck any stray hairs as they grow. I like to do this after I've showered because the steam opens up the hair follicle making it easier to remove. My rule of thumb is when in doubt, leave it. When it comes to eyebrows, removing one wrong hair can be a disaster. If I don't know whether a hair should be removed, I leave it for my next appointment. Remember, it's better to under pluck than over pluck. I think we can all agree that the Joey from Friends caterpillar chasing its mummy eyebrow look is not attractive.  I use Tweezerman tweezers which are the best I've found, and I've tried lots of brands.

Step 3: Filling in your Eyebrows

Luckily, if you really hate your eyebrows or they're not as full as you would like, you can fake it with make up! There are so many products both from the drugstore and high end that can be used to fill in brows. What you use is really up to preference. I use the Mac eyebrow pencil in Stud to fill mine in. I am very lucky to be blessed with quite full eyebrows so I don't need to fill them in that much. I like to brush through my brows with a spoolie, fill them in, brush them through again and finally set them with a clear brow gel. If I'm feeling extra fancy, I sometimes run a powder through them too. I actually use an eyeshadow from Natural Collection called Crushed Walnut which I also use for contouring my face. I picked it up because Kaushal from Kaushal Beauty raves about it! Check out her blog and Youtube if you haven't already!  

Step 4: Highlight

This step is really optional. After I have filled in my brows, I like to highlight the brow bone by applying something like 'Virgin' from the Naked palette under the brow. Any highlight shade will do. I prefer to lightly dust it from my arch out. It just provides a beautiful sheen and really catches the light. Something I have been doing lately is applying concealer to outline my brows then gently blend it in. This really sharpens and defines the brows. I think I prefer this method to the other one. It takes a bit longer so I like to reserve this for more special occasions. 

So that's it really. It sounds like a lot of work but once you get into the habit of it, it's not. This is just a guideline of what I like to do but you don't have to follow it exactly. When it comes to eyebrows, remember the saying 'eyebrows are meant to be sisters, not twins!'

What do you do for your eyebrows? Are there any products you recommend?

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