04 April 2014

Review: Tweezy

I first heard about the Tweezy (£10) from a blog post on Pixiwoo. It is designed to remove facial hair in the same way as threading or waxing. It's a really handy little tool to have in your makeup bag because you don't really need a mirror to use it. 

The way it works is that you twist the ends of the Tweezy and the metal coil traps and removes the hair from the root. The results last depending on how fast your hair grows; it's different for everyone. It does hurt, but no more than if you were to get the hair threaded or waxed. I mainly use this in between appointments to maintain everything. One thing to point out- DO NOT USE ON/CLOSE TO YOUR EYEBROWS! One wrong twist and they'd be gone! 

You can buy this on the Tweezy website but I purchased mine on the Victoria Health website because I didn't want to set up a PayPal account. 

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