01 April 2014

Tried and Tested: Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

Laura Mercier Slik Creme (£33) is my go to foundation. This is everything I could possibly want in a high end foundation. It's high coverage, luminous, photographs beautifully and lasts all day.

It's quite a thick consistency so you only need about one pea size amount to cover your entire face. Don't let it's consistency put you off though because it really feels like nothing on the skin. To put it simply, I don't have that urge to scratch my foundation off at the end of the day when wearing this!

It's the perfect evening foundation because it has no SPF so if you are being photographed, you won't end up looking like Casper the friendly ghost with the flashback! The finish is luminous but not dewy so I think if you had oily skin, you could still wear this, just set it with a powder. I bought this nearly a year ago, and despite wearing it all the time, it's still going strong. To me, it's the foundation that keeps on giving. 

Now the exciting part (for me at least); it's lasting power. I can honestly say, this lasts all day without fading or caking up on my dry skin. Prove it you say? Well, I wore this to my brother's graduation in 32 Degree Celsius heat and on the 3 hour car journey home in a no a/c car without it fading or needing touch ups. It looked as good as it did in the morning when I applied it. By the way, it's so easy to apply and blend; I was able to do my entire face of make up on said occasion in five minutes! 

The only downside, other than price, is the shade range. I wear Hazelnut Beige which is their darkest shade. It does oxidize on me, becoming my perfect shade. It's such a shame that it doesn't come in darker colours because I highly recommend this foundation. Personally, I think this is the one I'll always return to because I know it looks good. If you can get your hands on the right shade, I think it's definitely worth getting a sample of.

Have you tried this foundation? What foundation would you recommend? 

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  1. Hi, thanks for the review, I agree it's a gorgeous foundation with amazing finish and lasting power. I use the same shade as you. What lipstick are you wearing please?

    1. It's still the best full coverage foundation I've tried. I always go back to it. I'm wearing the L'oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick in Aphrodite Scarlett but I think that the shade might be discontinued. Haven't seen it anywhere recently!