07 May 2014

25 Random Facts About Me

I've been blogging for about a month now so I thought I would tell you all a bit more about me. What better way then the 25 Facts About Me Tag!
  1. I'm 19 years old.
  2. I am a Hindu.
  3. My all time favourite TV show is The Vicar of Dibley. It's classic British humour at its best!
  4. I have an older brother.
  5. I've been to Dubai, Mauritius, Seychelles, Arizona, Toronto, South Africa and Malta.
  6. My favourite chocolate is Twirl. It's basically a Flake covered in Dairy Milk. It's so good!
  7. I have a condition called ME.
  8. I am a big Lea Michelle fan. I think she is incredibly talented. That girl can sing!
  9. I'm allergic to all poultry. If it's a bird, I can't eat it!
  10. I used do to Bollywood and Classical Indian dancing.
  11. Nothing makes me happier than when the Sun is shining. 
  12. I love The Vampire Diaries but I'm not really a Stelena or Delena fan! I completely ship Kalijah (Katherine and Elijah). Katherine is definitely my favourite character. 
  13. I love History. My favourite part is learning all about the The War of the Roses and The Tudors.
  14. My favourite book is the Other Boleyn Girl.
  15. I like to sing even though I'm probably not very good!
  16. I love to travel but I also love being at home. 
  17. I don't go to University.
  18. I'm terrified of snakes! 
  19. I'm really close to my family.
  20. The first Youtuber I ever watched was Blair Fowler aka juicystar07.
  21. I'm really short. I'm only 5ft- told you I was short!
  22. Lions are my favourite animal.
  23. I wear glasses.
  24. I want to live in Los Angeles. 
  25. I love classic Disney films. Some of my favourites are 101 Dalmatians, Lion King, Robin Hood, The Great Mouse Detective, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. 
So there you have it; 25 random facts about me. I hope you've gotten to know me a little better.

Tell me a random fact about you in the comments. I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading,

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