05 May 2014

Graduation Look: Makeup and Outfit

As summer rolls in, graduation ceremonies commence. I've come up with a look that's suitable if you're graduating or if you're attending a ceremony. Most of what I've come up with is based on what I've seen having been to my brother's graduation. 

When it comes to choosing your foundation for a special occasion, I think it's a good idea to play it safe. Now is not the time to wear a foundation that you've never tried before! Choose something that you know photographs well and will last all day. If you can, avoid SPF foundations as they will give you major flashback!

For the rest of the face, my advice is to keep it natural. Most graduations are during the day so opt for products that are going to define your natural features. For example, choose a blush that gives you a natural flush. For bronzer, aim to give the face a glow as opposed to a heavy contour. If you do want to contour, keep it soft; just add a touch of bronzer (or your usual contour) under the cheekbones. Personally, I like to do a little contouring, my football face needs it!

As for the eyes, I like to keep it matte. I chose the three matte shades from the Naked 3 palette. I start by applying 'Limit' all over the lid with a flat shader brush. With a crease brush, I like to blend 'Nooner' into the socket for some definition. To add a bit more depth to the eyes, I blended a small amount of 'Villan' from the Sleek Ultra Matte Dark Palette to the outer corners. Going back to the lids, I love using 'Strange' from the Naked 3 palette on the inner third of the lid because it really brightens everything up. Finally, I take a clean blending brush to blend the edges out. 

In terms of eyeliner, I think a black eyeshadow pushed very close to the lash line looks beautiful! It adds subtle definition that will last all day. I used 'Blackheart' from the Naked 3 palette because it has a little bit of sparkle. If you want to wear false lashes, I think individual lashes would look better than strip lashes. Apply a few to the outer corner of each eye for a fluttery effect.

For lips, I recommend something natural and easy to reapply. You want something low maintenance; you don't need to be worrying about having lipstick on your teeth or whether it's smudged across your face! I chose the Clinique Chubby Stick in 'Super Strawberry' which is a 'my lips but better' kind of shade. 

Choosing what to wear is probably one of the hardest things. My advice is to keep it formal but comfortable. I chose two very different options to give you an idea of what to wear. If you're graduating, don't forget that you will be wearing a gown on top so make sure you have made allowances for that.
Dress- Kaliko, Belt- Forever 21, Shoes- M&S, Necklace- Next
Top- Dorothy Perkins, Skirt- Next, Blazer- Next, Belt- Forever 21, Shoes- M&S, Necklace- Next

I hope that this has been useful to you. In terms of makeup, I think the key is to keep it natural, simple and subtle. As for what to wear, the most important things are to plan ahead and wear something you are comfortable in.

Are you graduating? Let me know what you're going to wear!

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