09 May 2014

Mac 217 Dupe

Most of you will know that the Mac 217 (£17) is a cult product, especially among makeup artists. However, being a Mac product, it's not exactly purse friendly! Luckily, I have found a nice little dupe for you that in my opinion, is even better than the 217.

The brush in question is the Zoeva 227 Soft Defining Brush (6.20 EUR/£5.07). It looks almost identical to the Mac 217 and works just as well. What makes it better than the 217 is that the Zoeva one is much softer. When I compared the two, the Mac 217 was noticeably scratchy. Naturally I decided to put it to the test and asked my mum what she thought and she agreed. For a completely unbiased opinion, I asked my dad and brother and they both thought the Zoeva 227 was softer and not at all scratchy. 

Mac 217

Zoeva 227
From now on, I'm definitely going to be buying the Zoeva 227 instead of the Mac 217. Finally a cheaper alternative that is just as good! You can buy it from the Zoeva website but also check out Love Makeup and PomShopLtd because you can get some Zoeva brushes on those websites too.

Have you got any good Mac dupes? Let me know so I can add them to my shopping list. 

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