23 May 2014

Tried and Tested: W7 Cosmetics*

W7 Cosmetics is a brand I'd never heard of before until I was sent some of their products. I've come across some hits and misses so let's get started. (I was not paid or sponsored to make this post in any way- all opinions are my own and you can read my full disclaimer here.)

Let's begin with the hits shall we. When it comes to this company, it's all about the eyes. I was sent the 24 London Eyes Eyeshadow palette*, the Eyebrow Kit* and the Aye Aye Liquid Captain Eyeliner*. 

My favourite product is the London Eyes eyeshadow palette. I was blown away by the quality and pigmentation of these shadows. You get a nice mixture of shades, some brights but mostly neutrals and a good mix of finishes. The matte shades look shimmery in the pan but that's just fallout from other shades. My favourite colour is the second shade down on the far right of the palette. It's a beautiful pinky brown with a purple lean to it which has a very similar feel and look to Urban Decay's 'Toasted'. I'm not saying it's a dupe, 'Toasted' is a bit more brown, but they achieve a similar look and honestly, I cannot tell a difference in terms of texture. The more satin shades in the W7 palette feel like butter! They are so smooth and blend beautifully. They last all day without creasing too. For £6.95 I genuinely think this is a great product!

I also love the Eyebrow Kit* (£4.95). Firstly, it comes with everything you would need, bar a mirror. I'm talking 2 angled brushes, a brow/lash brush and a few eyebrow guides! Each shade is numbered too so it makes it really easy to use. The pigmentation of these is spot on; they're pigmented enough to show up but not over pigmented that you end up looking like you've got two caterpillars as eyebrows! I also think they make great eyeshadows because they're all matte. I would definitely recommend this to beginners because it's fool proof to use.

The Aye Aye Captain Liquid Eyeliner* (£4.95) is another great product. It feels quite wet when you apply it, but once it dries (which really only takes a matter of seconds) it does not budge. After I took the picture of the swatch, I rubbed over it continuously and it did not smudge! It has quite a fat nib which isn't the easiest to use but I think that's down to the fact that I'm terrible at using this kind of eyeliner. I would like to point out that whilst it is long lasting, it's not water proof. 

I hate it when I don't like a product; it makes me feel really bad because I know someone has spent time making and creating it, but I must be honest. I really did not like the Full Time Lip Colours*. The formula was so sticky that it really felt like my lips were sticking together! It's a dual ended product; you apply the colour, wait for it to dry, then apply the clear oil. The oil side smelt really nice but again, it was sticky! I hate sticky lip products! I just don't like these so I would avoid them.

Lastly, the Fixer Face Spray* (£4.95). Now for me, the biggest issue is the scent. It makes me feel a bit sick which is probably a personal thing. In terms of it actually working, I'd say it did a good job. I love the spray on this, especially compared to Mac Fix Plus. This gives a nice even mist whereas Fix Plus just squirts out the product. I've used it to intensify eyeshadows and it does work for that too. For the price, I think it's worth a try- you might not mind the scent. It's also the perfect size to keep in your handbag!

So there you have it; some hits and some misses. You can find W7 cosmetics at TK Maxx stores and selected Next and Peacocks stores. I definitely recommend the eyeshadows and having looked at their line, I'm on the hunt for their 'In the Buff" palette!

Have you tried this brand? What do you recommend?  

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