20 June 2014

Makeup for Hayfever Sufferers

I love everything about summer, except hayfever! Wearing makeup when you have allergies can be quite difficult so I thought I'd share some of my tips and tricks. 

Avoid a heavy base. It's summer so in general light coverages are more comfortable but especially when you have hayfever. Your skin can get itchy so it's best to opt for something light. If you prefer high coverage, go in with a high coverage concealer where you need it. 

Keep the eyes simple. If your anything like me, hayfever makes the eyes go crazy! I would recommend avoiding heavy eye makeup and opt for something more simple. For example, choose a cream eyeshadow as the tend to last longer and you are usually able to get away with one colour. When it comes to mascara, go for waterproof. I don't have a waterproof mascara, but some brands are coming up with a clear waterproof topcoat. You apply your favourite mascara, then top it with the waterproof topcoat. I really want to try the one by Anastasia.

Staying with the eyes, avoid lining your waterlines. This is just a recipe for disaster! If your eyes are sensitive or you think they might be during the day, wearing liner on the waterlines will just aggravate it more.

Make sure you are carrying your concealer with you because you may need to touch it up around the nose during the day, especially if you have been sneezing or have a runny nose. If you have an occasion to go to but can't go for a dramatic eye look, go bold on the lips! It will instantly take your look from day to night whilst avoiding the eyes. 

Other Tips:
  • Carry tissues- this one goes without saying really.
  • Use a tiny bit of Vaseline or something similar around the nostrils as this will create a barrier to pollen. Trust me it helps!
  • Finally, if you have severe hayfever, talk to your parents and/or pharmacist. They'll be able to give you more professional advice as to how to manage and control it. 
I know hayfever can be so frustrating so I hope this has helped some of you. Good Luck!

Have you got any hayfever tips?

Thanks for reading,

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