16 June 2014

The Skincare Holy Trinity

Today's post is about a trio of face masks that I like to call my 'Holy Trinity.' I like to use this combination when my skin is looking a little drab or I've been lazy and neglected to do a face mask. So pretty much the latter!

I use these all in one day which may sound extreme but keep in mind that these products are really gentle and I have tested them out several times individually. The first mask is the Nimue Enzyme Mask (review here) which I use in the morning after cleansing as normal. I follow the instructions and remove it with a damp hot cloth. I then proceed with my usual morning skincare routine. 

The next two masks I use at night after cleansing. First of all is the Una Brennan Tea Flower Clay Mask (review here). I leave this on for about 5 minutes and then remove it with a damp hot cloth. I then go in with my typical evening skincare routine expect for the moisturiser. Instead, I use the Origins Intensive Overnight Hydrating Face Mask (review here). I like to finish with this mask because it really puts the moisture back into the skin.

The next day, my skin is clearer, brighter, hydrated and much smoother. I find the combination of these masks really helps sort my skin out if it's looking a bit dull. It helps clear up breakouts too. There is something magical about this combination of masks!

What are your favourite masks?

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