30 June 2014

Tried and Tested: Tangle Teezer vs Wet Brush

I think we can all agree that tangled hair can be a nightmare. My hair is long, it's thick and you guessed it, tangly! I've been testing out two brushes that promise tangle free hair. Let's see which one is better.

The Tangle Teezer (£10.99) is very popular. It's been known to brush through tangles without pulling or breaking the hair. However, if you have thick hair, this is just not enough to brush through it. I tried this when I was at the beach and pool (when my hair was particularly unruly) and this just didn't glide through the hair very well. I've tried it on wet and dry hair and it's the same. If you have thinner hair, maybe it will be fine for you but if you have thick hair, no just no. I also wouldn't recommend it to someone who's hair is brittle. It just feels like you're really pulling and damaging the hair. 

The Wet Brush (£8.99) on the other hand, woah! I love this brush! It glides through wet and dry hair so easily, it's amazing! It only takes me a few seconds to brush through my hair when wet and I don't have to be super careful to ensure I don't break my hair. It works so well that I've said goodbye to everything else I'd use to detangle. This brush just gets it done; I cannot fault it at all. I also like that it's in the shape of a traditional hairbrush; it makes it so much easier to use. The shape of the Tangle Teezer is unique and fun but I personally don't think it's very practical. Although it's called the Wet Brush, I have used it on dry hair and it works great too! I highly recommend it! I believe you can find it at Sally's Beauty Supplies in the UK. If you don't have a Sally's store near you, it is available on their online store. You can also find it on Cult Beauty.  

What are your tips for tangly hair?

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