13 June 2014

Tried and Tested: Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

I did it. I bought the Naked 3 palette (£37). After lusting over it for a few months, I finally caved and got it for my birthday. 

I've been playing around with it for a couple of months and I really like it. As you probably know, it's very rose toned and there is a strong pink lean however, it's very wearable. Despite it's rose lean, you can create anything from a soft romantic eye to a bronze smokey eye. I absolutely love it! 

Here are the swatches (without primer):

Swatches from left to right: 'Strange,' 'Dust,' 'Burnout,' 'Limit,' 'Buzz,' 'Trick,' 'Nooner,' 'Liar,' 'Factory,' 'Mugshot,' 'Darkside' and 'Blackheart.'

As you can see, they are all very pigmented, even 'Dust' which is more powdery than the other shades. My favourite shades are 'Strange,' 'Buzz,' 'Trick,' 'Nooner' and 'Liar.'

'Strange' is the perfect matte highlight for under the browbone. It also looks fantastic on the inner third of the lid. 'Buzz' is a beautiful metallic pink that is gorgeous all over the lid. 'Trick' is a rose gold shade (don't we all have a soft spot for that?) and I love love love this shade. This was the colour I was most excited to wear. I love packing this all over the lid or just in the centre to add a nice rose gold pop to a look. 'Nooner' really took me by surprise. I had heard it was beautiful but that just doesn't do it justice. It is an absolute dream to work with. It is one of the best matte shades I've used and blends so easily. It really is a stunner! Finally, 'Liar' which is a gorgeous pinky brown. It's probably the shade I'd recommend someone starting with when they are new to pink toned eyeshadows. 

Now I can't compare it to the Naked 2 palette since I don't own it, but in terms of the original, it's very different. I think a lot of people were put off by the pink tones but they are very wearable. I mean this is an Urban Decay Naked Palette after all. Their whole idea behind these palettes is so they suit anyone and everyone. 

It's £37 which is the same price as the other Naked palettes and it comes with a dual ended brush which I quite like. It also comes with samples of all of their primers and you'd be able to get a couple uses out of all of them.

To sum up, yes this is pink tone, but it's very wearable and very versatile. The quality of these shadows is phenomenal, just what you would expect from an Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. I highly recommend it!

Have you got this palette? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading,

(P.S. Let me know if you would be interested in any tutorial type posts using this palette.)

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