01 September 2014

Tried and Tested: Una Brennan Rose Hydrating Pre Cleanse Oil

As you all know, I am a big Una Brennan fan. I love her Rose Cleanser and her clay masks. I finally tracked down her Rose Hydrating Facial Oil and since then I've embarked on a love affair with it. 

It's a multi purpose face oil that you can add to your moisturiser to make it more hydrating or you can use it as a pre cleanse to remove makeup. I like to use it for the latter. It does a fantastic job at removing makeup. I take one pump, massage it all over the face and eyes, then hot cloth it off. Every last trace of makeup is gone in seconds. I am really impressed with how it removes eye makeup in particular. You don't have to tug at the eye at all because it's all removed in one, even mascara and stubborn eyeliner. 

If you have oily skin, don't be afraid. It doesn't leave behind a greasy film or residue. I really love using this because it's so easy. As much as I love Bioderma, sometimes you want a faster way of removing makeup and this oil just gets it done. It has a very subtle rose scent which is actually quite relaxing. The packaging is really luxurious too; a glass bottle with a pump. It has a pump guys!

The only downside is its price; it's £14.99 for 30ml. I think that's a bit steep considering how little product you get and how much you need to use. I've used it about 5 times and I'm nearly half way through. If you do want to try this out, I recommend waiting for an offer. Boots always have some kind of deal on Una Brennan so if you wait it out, you can get it for a good price. 

Aside from the price, this is a beautiful cleansing oil. It easily breaks down makeup and feels really lovely on the skin. I highly recommend it, for all skin types.

What's your favourite cleansing oil? I'm on the hunt for the Body Shop Camomile one.

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(P.S. It's currently on offer at Boots for £9.99!) 

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