20 October 2014

100 Blog Posts

On Friday, LivinginMakeup reached its first milestone; 100 blog posts!

I started this blog at the very end of March as a way of escaping the chaos of everyday life. Since then, it has become my little Internet 'baby.' This blog has made me more confident in myself, something I've always struggled with. 

In the past seven (ish) months, I've discovered that I actually quite like photography. What started out as something I had to do, has become something I want to do! I've been able to connect with so many other bloggers on Twitter and have found even more blogs to read! 

This blog has enabled me to open up about my illness and the support of all the beauty bloggers has helped me truly accept it and even embrace it. I used think I was alone in what I was going through, but I don't anymore. 

So, to sum up, thank you. Thank you for reading, commenting and following. Here's to the next 100! 



  1. Congratulations Avani, i've only been blogging two weeks and i'm already addicted! What a great achievement. Good luck with your next 100 posts! Brilliant achievement
    Jessica x

    1. Thank you! You'll be surprised at how quickly it goes- enjoy it :) x


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