06 October 2014

Autumn Makeup: Bold Lips

I recently realised that both of the Autumn makeup tutorials I've done have focused on the eyes. Well, I am here to put that right and show you my take on a bold Autumn lip.

Starting with the eyes, I swept my bronzer all over the lid and into the crease using a fluffy brush. With the same brush, I swept a gold shimmer highlight all over the lid. I went back in with my bronzer through the crease to define things a bit more. Taking a clean blending brush, I blended any harsh lines. I didn't bother with eyeliner, I just used mascara making sure I went from root to tip. Brows are different for everyone so I suggest sticking to what you normally do on a day to day basis. 

For the skin, I kept it very simple:

Foundation- Laura Mercier Silk Cream 
Concealer- Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
Blush- Revlon's Charmed Enchantment Cream Blush
Bronzer- Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer

No contouring. I'm not sure why I didn't contour for this look, but I think I was going for the whole less is more thing. So if I'm honest I was being lazy. I did add a bit of highlight on the cheekbones because I just need any excuse to use my Mary Lou Manizer! 

It's time for the lips. I used two lipsticks; Rimmel Kate Moss Matte in 107 and Mac's Rebel. I started by applying 107 lightly all over the lips using my finger to both apply and blend. I blotted and repeated. Do this as many times as you can, keeping the layers light. This creates a really nice stain so when the lipsticks wears off, you still have a beautiful colour left behind. 

After creating the stain, I went it with a proper layer of lipstick. I wasn't feeling completely matte lips so I decided to use Mac's Rebel in the centre of my lips and blended it in by rubbing my lips together. I neatened the line and shape of the lips using a pointed cotton bud. To finish off, I lightly concealed around the lips. This really helps sharpen the lip and prevent bleeding.

I actually think this look is very daytime appropriate. If you wanted amp up the look for night, you could add some black liner to the upper lash line and smoke it out. I would also add some more of the gold highlight to the inner third of the lid. 

That wraps up my bold lips for Autumn. If you have any more lipstick suggestions, please leave them in the comments. As much as I love 107 and Rebel, I'm ready to try something new! 

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