29 October 2014

Back to Basics Makeup: Blush

Today's back to basics makeup instalment is all about blush. There are lots of ways to apply blush depending on the shape of your face. I'm only gong to go through one of them which is the most universally flattering. 

Cream Blush:

Cream blushes are great for a natural finish. They look really fresh on the skin and can wake up the complexion. However, they can be tricky to apply and usually don't last that long on the skin. 

How to apply Cream Blush:

When it comes to applying cream blush, I prefer using a stippling brush because they give you the most control. Dip your brush into your blush, dab off the excess on the back of your hand and apply it from the apples of the cheeks feathering it back. Feathering the blush back gives the illusion of a lifted face. 

Powder Blush:

I do prefer powders because they sit well on most skin types and last a long time. I like to stick to matte finishes because they look more natural and are far more transformative. If you have large pores, matte finishes tend to look better because they don't exaggerate pores. 

How to apply Powder Blush:

I like to use an angled brush for blush because the shape works well with how I like to apply blush. I prefer not to start on the apples of the cheeks, instead I sweep the blush back towards the hairline, following the line of my cheekbone. This helps add a bit of definition to my very round face. I use whatever is left on the brush and lightly dust this on the apples of the cheeks. I think you'll be able to see what I mean in the below picture.

I never take the blush past the pupil of the eye. This helps to mimic a natural flush. If you are applying blush to the apples of the cheeks, don't smile whilst doing it. When you smile, the apples of the cheeks lift and when you don't, they drop. If you apply the blush on the apples when smiling, when you stop, the blush will be more towards the mouth. 

Don't start with a lot of product on the brush. Build the colour up slowly and blend. When you have finished, go over the edges of the blush with whatever you used for foundation. This really helps avoid any harsh lines and blends everything together. The result is a very diffused wash of colour.

So those are my tips with blush. Play around with placement because everyone has a different face shape. I prefer using this method because it shapes the face and adds nice definition without actually contouring. 

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