22 October 2014

Back to Basics Makeup: Bronzer

Bronzer is something everyone can benefit from. It's the easiest way to fake a glow and when done properly, bronzer can make you look fresh faced. 

Choosing your Bronzer:

Bronzers can be matte or shimmery. If you want a more natural result, I recommend sticking to a matte finish. Shimmery bronzers are great but they can be a little bit harder to work with. If you want a more realistic bronzed look, matte bronzers are your best bet. 

Matte bronzers can be hard to find at the drugstore. Some claim to be matte, but if you look closely, they still have a hint of shimmer. If you can't find a matte bronzer that you like, get your favourite pressed powder, but in two shades darker than your skin tone. Pressed powders are typically matte so there's nothing wrong with picking one up a couple of shades darker to use as a bronzer. This is also great if you can't find a bronzer with the right undertone for your skin. Some can be too red, others too orange and some can be really ashy and make you look flat. 

Cream bronzers are also brilliant if you want a really natural bronze. They make you look beautifully sun kissed and are great if you have dry skin. 

Applying Bronzer:

I mainly use bronzer to bronze up the face. You can use it for contouring but I'll go through all of that in my Contouring and Highlighting post. 

Powder Bronzer:

The easiest way to bronze up the face is to a load up a fluffy brush with your bronzer, tap of the excess and apply it to the face where the sun would naturally hit you. You're going to want to hit the brow bone, the cheekbones and make sure you to take it down your neck! Taking the bronzer down the neck helps everything blend together and keeps things looking natural. You don't want there to be any obvious lines. Being a bronzer addict, I take a small amount on the cheeks and across the nose.

Go in with a light hand. Build up the colour slowly to avoid over doing it. I prefer using a fluffy brush because it diffuses the colour evenly and more naturally. If you find you have a heavy hand, use a duo fibre brush because they pick up a lot less product.

Cream Bronzer:

If I'm using a cream bronzer, I prefer using a stiff brush like a buffing brush. This is because it picks up the product well, but it also blends it into the skin seamlessly. Using a stiff brush enables you to really buff the cream bronzer in. Applying a cream bronzer is much like applying a powder bronzer. It just takes a bit more blending. If you are new to bronzer, I suggest sticking with a powder bronzer until you become more familiar with where to place it.  

I think that about sums it up. I think the hardest part with bronzer is finding the right one for you. If you have been scared of using bronzer in the past, I hope this has helped you embrace the bronze! Honestly, when I apply bronzer on myself, I tend to just whack it on. As long as there isn't too much product on the brush, I pretty much apply it like a savage. What can I say, I love bronzer!

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