10 October 2014

Cupboard Essential: Almond Oil

Almond oil is a staple in my beauty cabinet and today I'm going to share my favourite ways of using it.

  1. Hair Mask- I apply it to dry hair starting at the ends working my way up to the roots. I usually put my hair up in a bun and leave the oil in as long as I can, typically over night. The next morning I'll wash it out with a clarifying shampoo and condition my hair as usual. My hair is always at its healthiest when I do this on a regular basis. It hydrates the hair, makes it oh so shiny and helps fight frizz.
  2. Hand Cream- Every night, without fail, I pour a small amount of this into my hands and massage it in. I spend time massaging it into the nails and cuticles and even in between the fingers. This really helps keep the hands hydrated and in the morning my hands are very soft. Yes it makes your hands greasy but it's only for a minute. The oil get absorbed so quickly that by the time I've gotten into bed and settled down, it's absorbed. 
  3. Eye Makeup Remover- Lightly soak two cotton rounds in Almond Oil and place over they eyes to remove stubborn makeup. This gets rid of all that eyeliner and waterproof mascara whilst hydrating the skin around the eyes. Just be sure to remove any residue left on the eyes.
  4. In a scrub- If I'm making my own body or lip scrub, my oil of choice is Almond. It's so hydrating and nourishing, perfect for soothing the skin or lips after exfoliation. 
I'm never without Almond Oil. I use it every day and I highly recommend it. I buy my Almond Oil from www.victoriahealth.com. 

What are your cupboard essentials?

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