12 November 2014

Tried and Tested: Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Today I'll be reviewing one of my save the day products, the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. 

Whenever my skin is looking dull and drab, I apply a small amount of this before foundation. I even use this if I'm not wearing makeup. It does exactly what it says on the tube; brightens and tightens. Make sure you gently rub it in. It's not like a moisturiser where you need to really massage it in. Just rub it in like you would a primer. I find that makeup goes on much better when I use this and that it also looks better. Somehow, it's able to smooth out the texture of skin and perfect the base. I can't get enough! 

Don't be put off by the world balm. It's not really a balm texture; more of a light cream texture. It's weightless on the skin and it is most definitely suitable for all skin types. The reason I love this product so much is because it gives the most incredible glow without it being dewy or shiny. Imagine a lit from within glow. That's what you get with this. 

It is expensive at £29 for 50ml. However, it is totally worth it. It lasts a really long time too. I've had a small tube for months and I'm only just coming to the end. Overall, this is a fantastic skincare/makeup product to have in your arsenal. I spy a repurchase in the near future…

Have you tried the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm? What are your thoughts?

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(P.S. It's currently on sale! Most places have it on sale for about £26.10 but you can get it for £25.50 from escentual.com)

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