05 November 2014

Tried and Tested: Neutrogena T Gel Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp

As you probably guessed by the title, this is not another Back to Basics Makeup instalment. I'm going to be taking a short break from those posts but they will be returning soon! Anyway, back to today's post, a new favourite shampoo.

Recently, my scalp has been dry, itchy and even flaky. It's not been fun. After trying lots of home remedies and them failing, I decided to buy the Neutrogena T Gel Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp (£4.99). I've heard brilliant things from this range and they have lots of different versions to suit different needs. 

After my first wash, I noticed the flakes falling from my hair. It was nothing extreme, but it was like the shampoo had loosened all the dry skin and getting rid of it. The next day, any flakiness was basically gone and my scalp felt really soothed. It didn't feel dry or itchy. 

I used it every time I washed my hair for about 2 weeks, but now I use it as a treatment once or twice a week. It helps keep any scalp issues under control. I also find that it makes a brilliant clarifying shampoo. I was pleasantly surprised that it works really well at getting rid of product build up without drying out the hair. It also doesn't make my hair frizzy which is a huge bonus for someone with curly hair. 

The shampoo is fragrance free, but I did notice a slight scent. The only thing I can liken it to is children's makeup. You know, the kind that come in packs with glittery everything. It doesn't linger in the hair but it's something to be aware of.

All in all, this is a great shampoo for sensitive scalps, especially if you are having issues with dryness and flakiness. I'm nearly onto my second bottle!

What are your remedies for dry scalp? Maybe there's something I haven't tried!

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