12 January 2015

January Health Update (New Treatment)

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you my current progress with the new treatment I have been receiving for my ME. 

The treatment I'm talking about is called the Perrin Technique. The theory behind it is that different factors cause an overstrain on the sympathetic nervous system. This then leads to the nervous system being overloaded with toxins. The treatment works at draining the body of these toxins and decongesting the drainage points. If you want a better idea of the treatment, read this because it's a much better explanation!  

Because you've got to go through a rather long phase of detoxing, most people feel a lot worse before feeling a lot better. I've had 4 treatments and I'm definitely at the stage of feeling a lot worse! The pain is really intense and I spend most days bedridden. The treatment consists of a special type of massage which I get done weekly. I also do a lot of self massage on a daily basis. I'm on quite a few supplements which help the body go through this process too. 

There is a very good chance of this working for me. If everything goes accordingly, I could eventually lead a 'normal' life as it were. At the moment, most days consist of me lying in bed either sleeping or watching movies. That may sound like fun but when you're not doing it by choice, you get bored very quickly. The good news is that the worse I feel now, the better the prognosis. 

I hope to do these health update posts every once in a while because I want to be able to share my experience with you. Having ME is such a massive part of my life and I want to be able to be more open about that on here. Let me know if you'd be interested in these kind of posts. I don't want to bore you! 

Thank you very much for reading this long post!

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