10 April 2015

Rimmel Eastend Snob 63 Lip Liner: Worth the Hype?

Rimmel's Eastend Snob Lip Liner (£3.99) has got to be one of the most hyped about products bouncing around the blogosphere. Ever since Amelia Liana mentioned it was a dupe for her beloved Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in Pillow Talk, people have gone crazy for it. 

I've been testing it out and I have to say, I'm really unimpressed. The colour is beautiful; it's a gorgeous pinky nude with a mauve undertone. The formula however, is not. It doesn't apply smoothly at all. It just drags the lips and settles into all the lines. 

If your lips are even slightly dry, this will only emphasise it. I've tried it lots of different ways; with a lip balm under it, with a lip balm over it, under a creamy lipstick and under a gloss but I just can't get it to work. Because the formula isn't great, the colour looks strange on the lips. Don't get me wrong, it swatches really well on my hand/arm, but that doesn't translate on the lips. 

The lip liner is retractable which is handy but half of the product snaps off if you apply too much pressure. I'm very gentle when I apply any kind of makeup but even with the slightest amount of pressure, it snaps. Whilst it isn't an expensive product, I still like to get my money's worth and having chunks of the liner snap of every time I use it, is a bit ridiculous. 

Unfortunately, I just don't think it's worth the hype. I adore the colour but I can't say the same for the formula. Let me know what you think about this liner, it seems to work well on most people so maybe I got a bad batch. I haven't tried any other lip liners from Rimmel so I'd be interested to see what the formula is like across the board. 

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