20 April 2015

The Five Product Face

There's nothing quite like spending ages doing your makeup. I love the whole process; everything from contouring to smokey eyes. However, it's not always practical on an everyday basis and it's not always needed. Today I'm going to share my five product face. This is the kind of makeup I love for Spring and Summer as it's light and fresh. 

CC Cream- If you're trying to cut down on products for everyday, I think a sheer base is a great option because they tend to be easier to apply and you can always add coverage where you need it with concealer.

Concealer- I think a touch of concealer under the eyes and around the nose is really important if you're going for the whole less is more look. It instantly makes you look polished. Like I said earlier, I prefer to add more coverage where I need it with concealer because it stops the base look heavy and cakey. 

Mascara- The one product I truly can't skip. Mascara immediately opens the eyes and makes you look awake and just generally brighter. Even 1-2 very light coats can make a difference. If you want a super natural look, just apply mascara to the outer lashes on the upper lashline. This will elongate the eyes with basically no effort. Be sure to wiggle the wand right down to the base of lash to make the lash line look thicker. Max Factor's Clump Defy mascara works well for this. 

Brows- Another step that I think is really important. Brows are one of those features that can dramatically change the way the face looks. It's hard to say how much you should fill them in because it really depends on the individual. I'd say go in lightly and follow the natural shape of your brow. Even a quick run through with a pencil can make all the difference. If you do want to fill them in a bit more, I recommend using a powder palette like the W7 Brow Bar because you can mix different shades and it's all in one compact. 

Lipstick- This is where multi purpose products come in handy. I say use lipstick on your lips and cheeks. If you choose a sheer lipstick, like the Clinique Chubby Sticks or the Revlon Lip Butters, you can use them as cream blush quite easily. Sheer lipsticks tend to be more shiny which on the cheeks translates to dewy. Using your finger, dab the colour onto the apples of the cheeks blending out towards the ears. Follow up by applying the same colour to the lips. 

So that's my five product face. This post is more about the types of product as opposed to specIfic products, although I have thrown in a few recommendations. The beauty of the five product face is that you can adapt it to suit you. 

What's your five product face?

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