17 June 2015

Skincare: The Drugstore Edit

If you were to take a look at my skincare routine, you'd see that it is primarily drugstore. I have a few high end items, but the majority isn't too expensive. That's because you can find good quality skincare at the drugstore. 

Today I want to roundup some of the drugstore skincare products that make me glad I didn't spend more. There are several brands that come to mind when I think of inexpensive skincare. 

Una Brennan:

I could probably get my entire routine from the Una Brennan range at Boots. It is quality stuff. My two favourites are the Salicylic Clay Mask and the Rose Hydrating Creamy Cleanser. The mask is really good at digging deep and drawing out impurities without drying the skin out. The cleanser is brilliant for the morning when you want to cleanse, but don't want or need anything as rich as a cleansing balm or oil. I use the cleanser every morning without fail and the mask every week. 

Other products from the range I love are the Rose Miracle Facial Oil which is a fantastic cleanser for mature skin. It's really luxurious and nourishing. I also really rate the Tea Flower Clay Mask which is a less intense version of the Salicylic Clay Mask. My mum really loves the Tea Flower range. She's gone through countless tubes of the face wash and the scrub. She's got combination acne prone skin and the Tea Flower range seems to work well at balancing her skin and preventing breakouts. I'm currently using the Rose Peaceful Night Cream and a full review will be up in the next couple of weeks. 

La Roche Posay:

I've always said that if in doubt, go for French skincare. It's some of the best out there and it doesn't necessarily cost as much as you'd think. I purchase all of my French pharmacy skincare from escentual.com because they have a great range of products and it's normally cheaper than Boots. They also do French Pharmacy Month where all those brands like La Roche Posay, Bioderma and Vichy are a 1/3 off. It's actually on this month so I would definitely recommend taking a look. 

I adore Effaclar Duo Plus. I think it's one of the best products for spot prone skin and if you've got any scars, this will sort them out. I also love the Cicaplast range. The hand cream is my absolute favourite, beating out the likes of The Body Shop and Clarins. Tip: When you get to the end of the tube, cut it open because there is still a lot more cream left!

The all purpose balm from the Cicaplast range is also great and is my nightly moisturiser in the winter months. It leaves the skin feel so nourished without being greasy. My brother really loves the Effaclar Mat moisturiser for his oily skin. He says it hydrates whilst controlling oil production. Serozinc is another product I'm loving from the brand and I think it's worth all the hype surrounding it. I'm currently trying out the Anthelios XL Comfort Cream SPF 50 which was sent to me, so stay tuned for a review soon.

Products from Other Brands:

Pure Potions Skin Salvation* is something I think everyone should have in their cupboard. Not only is it inexpensive, but it is the most intensely hydrating and nourishing balm I've tried. Nothing clears up those pesky dry patches like this product. It doesn't contain any nasties and is great for people who suffer from eczema and other skin conditions. I apply a small amount directly onto any dry flakes and leave it to work its magic. 

For removing my makeup, The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil is pretty hard to beat. It removes everything in seconds. The bottle does tend to leak (hence no photo) and when you pump it out it squirts everywhere, but what's inside is worth it. It's pretty much the only makeup remover I use. It's also great to use as a night time cleanser when you're not wearing makeup. 

I know this was quite a long post but I thought it would be useful to get it all down. I'm a big advocate of drugstore skincare and I'm always on the look out for new gems. I have done individual reviews for most of these products but please forgive the lack of links. I really didn't want this to be a link heavy post!  Let me know what your favourite skincare products from the drugstore are.

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  1. The Effaclar Duo + and Una Brennan Salicylic Acid Mask are two of my favourites so I'll definitely be checking out the others you mentioned :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. We really do have similar tastes! Let me know how you get on with some of the other products x