10 June 2015

Tried and Tested: Innovative Skincare Restorative Eye Complex

The Innovative Skincare Restorative Eye Complex (longest name ever!) is quite unlike any other eye cream I've tried. 

The main claim behind this eye cream is that it reduces puffiness and dark circles. It does exactly that. I don't think I've ever used an eye cream that has made such a difference to my whole eye area. Everything is smoother and more hydrated and a lot brighter. I now need a lot less concealer under my eyes, which to me, can only be a good thing. I've also noticed that the general texture around my eyes is a lot softer. When I first started using this, about 2 months ago, I was starting to get a bit of darkness on my lids. It's now completely gone and shows no signs of returning. 

Now, it's not without its faults, mainly the price. It's £62 for 15ml which is expensive. Really expensive- it actually hurts to remember how much I paid for it. However, you literally need the tiniest amount. A small dot will do both under eyes, so it will last you longer than other eye creams. 

The only other negative, is its packaging. It comes with a pump, which is always handy, but it pumps out way too much product. You really don't need as much as it pumps out. I think for the price, the packaging could be much better. With all that being said, I can definitely see myself repurchasing this. I can't believe how effective it is. If you're in the market for a new eye cream and are willing to spend a bit more money, I highly recommend it. You can purchase the Innovative Skincare Restorative Eye Complex from Victoria Health

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