24 July 2015

New to Brows: L'oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit

Now I must admit, I'm not sure how new the L'oreal Brow Artist Genius Kits (£9.99) are, but I spotted them recently and was very intrigued. 

If there's one thing the drugstore is missing, it's good brow products. Sure, I have my W7 Brow Bar which I love, but it's not easy to track down. The L'oreal Brow Kit comes in two shades, Light to Medium and Medium to Dark. I picked up the shade Medium to Dark but I have a feeling I'll also be getting the lighter shade for my kit. 

The kit comes with a powder, a coloured wax, mini tweezers and an angled brush with a spoolie. The compact also has a mirror. The powder is ashy and cool toned which is something I always look for in a brow product. The texture isn't as creamy as I'd like it to be, but I actually think that works in its favour. It's lasts a long time and if you make any mistakes, it's easy to correct.

The coloured wax is the part I'm a bit unsure about. I just don't think it makes much of a difference. You're supposed to use the wax first then fill in the brows with the powder. I honestly don't think the wax did anything. It didn't add much colour and it doesn't make the hairs stay in place. It's a nice texture, easy to blend and not sticky, but a bit redundant in my opinion. The colour is slightly less cool compared to the powder but it's not really warm. It sits somewhere in the middle. 

I haven't used the tweezers as I adore my Tweezerman ones but the angled brush with the spoolie is actually quite good. I love that they provide a spooile. 

Despite its few downfalls, I really like this brow kit. The shades are nice and ashy and completely matte. L'oreal did a really good job with the formula and this is definitely one of the better options for brows at the drugstore. 

Have you tried this kit? What did you think?

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