29 February 2016

Battle of the Lip Crayons

Lip Crayons have been everywhere since Clinique launched their Chubby Sticks a few years back. Thanks to them we've see an abundance of crayon like lipsticks at various price points. I have so many in my collection that I thought it would be fun to see which one is the best.

Soap and Glory:

I love the S&G Gloss Sticks. They're comfortable, hydrating and leave the most beautiful sheen to the lips. Nudist is an everyday staple for me and can be worn with any makeup look. They don't last the longest, but are exceptionally easy to reapply. I also find them to be the most hydrating of the bunch and I've done a full review with swatches here.


The original creators of the Chubby Stick. Whilst I think there are better formula's out there, these hold a special place in my heart. The shade Super Strawberry is the best 'my lips but better' shade and I do find they last longer on the lips than other versions. They're also more versatile in that you can use them as blush.


I believe Revlon were the first to create a drugstore version of the Chubby Stick with their Kissable Balm Stains. I have to say, the original line isn't my favourite and I wouldn't buy it again. It's a bit of a hard formula and they're not very hydrating or silky smooth on the lips. That being said, the Matte Balms are all kinds of amazing. Creamy, smooth and not at all drying.


These offer the most amount of pigment out of all of the ones I've mentioned. Not only are they hydrating and glossy, but they also contain SPF which is so rare to find. I also think that they're the most long lasting because they stain the lips. They're quite underrated so if you want a full review with swatches of the colours I have, you can read that here.

My favourite formula has to be from Bourjois. It took them a while to release their versions, but I'm so glad it did because in that time, they made note of what to do and what to avoid. The result is a near perfect build-able glossy crayon lipstick. The Clinique Chubby Sticks are also a bit of a favourite and I really want to try the other products in the Chubby range.

What's your favourite lip crayon?

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