24 February 2016

Budget Buy: Barry M Nail Polishes

Barry M Nail Polishes have a reputation of being some of the best nail polishes on the high street. Today I'll be reviewing the Nail Paints as well as the Gelly Hi Shine polishes.

Nail Paints:

These are your standard nail polishes that offer a streak free creamy finish. The shades I have go opaque in two coats, although you could easily get away with one. I find the lasting power to be really decent, I get about 4-5 days with minimal chipping. I love the shade Raspberry which is a stunning berry red. They're very shiny and for £2.99 you just can't go wrong.

Gelly Hi Shines:

Now these are far more interesting, in my opinion. They are meant to mimic a gel manicure without the need for an LED lamp and are easier to remove than gel or shellac. The formula is very thick and initially a little tricky to apply. It definitely gets easier as you go and the key is to apply thin coats. You can absolutely get away with one coat because these are incredibly opaque and wonderfully shiny. They truly do mimic gels in that way. Since they are thicker, they don't chip as easily and last longer on the nails. I like to apply a quick dry top coat when wearing these to make sure they completely set down. That being said, you could get away with no top coat, they're that shiny. So far, Blue Grape is my favourite colour. The royal blue really stands out against my complexion and I'm completely obsessed with it. At £3.99 each, it's a good opportunity to see if you like the effects of a gel manicure without committing.

Overall Barry M is where it's at for drugstore nail polishes. Super affordable, easy to apply and they come in lots of beautiful colours. Next to try are the Sunset Nail Paints. 

What are your favourite Barry M shades?

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