25 March 2016

Eyeshadow Palettes: The Good, The Bad and The Unneccessary

I have far too many eyeshadow palettes. There I said it. I know I have a problem, but eyeshadows are my weakness. Today I'm going through the palettes I deem the good, the bad and the unnecessary.

The Good:

The Urban Decay Naked palettes are an obvious choice here. I own the Naked 1 and the Naked 3 and both are brilliant. The original palette is more warm in tone so it's really easy to work with. Although the Naked 3 is rose toned, they're neutral pinks so they don't give off the whole pink eye effect. Urban Decay eyeshadows are so creamy and easy to blend. I also think they're the most reliable palettes because the texture of the shadows is very consistent.

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette is also a firm favourite. It's similar to the Naked palette, but it has more shades and more matte eyeshadows. The texture of the eyeshadows is on par with Urban Decay. There isn't a shade I wouldn't use and it smells exactly like chocolate.

For a more affordable palette option, the Collection Eyes Uncovered range is brilliant. I only have Nude Bronze but have heard wonderful things about them all. The texture is soft and creamy and whilst the majority of shades are shimmery, they're not chunky or full of hard to wear glitter. They last all day with a primer too.

Now, Makeup Geek eyeshadows don't come in palette form, but you can build your own, so I'm including them anyway! These are some of the best eyeshadows out there. They're creamy, pigmented and come in every colour imaginable.

The Bad:

First of all, a quick disclaimer. I'm not trying to disrespect a product or brand or anything like that. I'm just going to be honest about the palettes I've got that I personally don't like that much.

The Revlon ColourStay Palettes are a big disappointment for me. The colour range is lovely but the formula just isn't. They're very powdery and don't have a lot of pigment. I'm a fan of sheer eyeshadows, they look beautiful for a subtle everyday look. However, these aren't sheer, they're just not pigmented. It's a shame because the purple palette is gorgeous.

I'm also not a fan of the Rimmel eyeshadow quads. They're not terrible, but there are better out there. The colour variation I have I actually quite like because the colours are fairly unique for the drugstore. The formula is better than the Revlon ones, but I still think it could be improved.

The Unnecessary:

I'll level with you, unnecessary is a bit of strong word. These are palettes that I don't use much because I've got something similar with a formula I prefer. Therefore they're unnecessary to me. However, they're not bad products, in fact, I actually recommend them all.

The L'oreal La Palette Nude Rose is very similar to the Naked 3 palette. The Urban Decay one has intense pigmentation so although the shades are wearable, they're well pigmented. The L'oreal palette is very soft and sheer. You can build the colours up and it's a good way to see if you like those rose tones for the eyes. This palette would be great for those who are just getting started with eyeshadows because the palette is so easy to work with and the shimmer is very subtle. I also think this would be excellent for bridal makeup.

Sleek eyeshadow palettes were the first I used in terms of drugstore makeup. They have a very impressive colour range and a good mixture of shimmers and mattes in each palette. The reason I've deemed them unnecessary for me is because I've got others with a formula I prefer to work with. The Sleek ones can be a little more inconsistent, but they're still brilliant and the ones I recommend if you want a well pigmented eyeshadow palette for under £10.

What eyeshadow palettes do you prefer?

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  1. I tried the L'oreal one and just found the shades weren't very pigmented at all! My favourites at the moment have to be Too Faced Chocolate Bar, MUG and Zoeva!
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

    1. They're definitely on the sheer side of things, but I think that works for those shades. I keep hearing such good things about Zoeva makeup, need to give it a try!