30 March 2016

Monthly Favourites: March Favourites 2016

How it is already the end of March? I'm turning 21 next week and I can't bloody believe it. The year is going by so fast! Anyway, this month I have a good mixture of beauty and lifestyle favourites, so let's get started.


Estée Lauder DayWear Sheer Tint Release can't come as much of a surprise as I've not shut up about this all month. I recently rediscovered it in time for my Spring Makeup Menu and I'm so glad I did. It's the perfect 'my skin but better' base as it offers a hint of coverage with a lot of glow.

L'oreal Pin Up Pink is such a pretty all over the lid shade for Spring. It's a sheer pink with a gold shimmer running through it that really catches the light. You can literally just apply it with a fluffy brush all over the lid and be done. It pretty much blends itself.

I reviewed the Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Oil range last year and didn't like it. I used it again recently and did. I don't know what's changed between now and then, but my hair really likes this stuff. The oil in particular is brilliant as it just completely eliminates frizz without making my hair greasy.

Essie's Liquorice nail polish is a black polish I can finally get on board with. It's a deep jet black that goes opaque in one coat and dries really quickly.

The Origins Overnight Mask always seems to pop up in my monthly favourite posts. The reason being that it's the only product that seems to sort my skin out when I don't know what it's doing. Occasionally I get awkward skin moments where it's greasy, dry, bumpy and spotty. A couple of days with this mask, and it's like I have new skin.


I've been using my IPad Air 2 so much since I got it in January. It was an early birthday present from my parents and I actually think it's helped me with blogging. It's the perfect bridge between phone and laptop. It's so much better to watch YouTube videos on and I'm pretty much always on the Bloglovin app, which brings me to my next favourite.

The Bloglovin app is so good! It's extremely user friendly and the more I use it, the more blogs I discover, which is great. I've saved so many posts, but the folder labelled Food is definitely the biggest. There are so many great recipes that I can't wait to try out. My blogger of the month is Amuse your Bouche. Her food looks so good and I can actually see myself cooking her recipes. I think my favourite one so far is her One Pot Spaghetti alla Puttanesca and I can't wait to try making it.

I recently made a Feel Unique order and was very displeased with the delivery company Hermes. Despite the fact that I was home all day, they left my order not in the porch, but in the bin. I found my box wet and covered in mud and insects. It's not my first bad experience with Hermes but it was the worst. I would like to point out though, Feel Unique were excellent when I told them and their customer service team were very helpful. I just hope that they don't use Hermes again!

What have you been loving this month?

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