11 March 2016

Review: Beauty Blender Cleanser

I've never been one to veer towards designated makeup brush cleansers. Johnson's Baby Shampoo has been good enough for me. However, when I got the opportunity to put a decent size sample of the Beauty Blender Cleanser (£15) in my Beauty Bay order, I seized the moment. And I am glad I did.

This cleans my brushes in a way that baby shampoo never could. I always knew brushes collect a lot of product and dust and general icky things and I thought I did a good job at cleaning them, until now. The Beauty Blender Cleanser gets right into the bristles and deeply cleanses them. All the unwanted product and gunk washes away with ease. It's a rather satisfying process. It's also incredibly easy to wash away the suds. I'd normally spend ages trying to rinse them clean but with this, it takes seconds. I've not actually tried washing my Beauty Blender with this but I'll report back once I have.

Despite being wonderful at giving a good deep clean to my brushes, it doesn't dry out the bristles. That's always been a concern of mine but I know that with this, I just don't have to worry about it. I would definitely purchase the full size, but first I want to try the Real Techniques equivalent. It's significantly cheaper and whilst you don't need a lot of the Beauty Blender Cleanser per brush, every little helps!

What's your favourite brush cleanser?

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