24 June 2016

Brand Focus: La Roche Posay

If you're a regular reader, then you'll know how much I love La Roche Posay. They offer amazing skincare for so many skin types, and the products are very reasonably priced. I thought it would be useful to put together a brand focus featuring my favourite products.

Dry Skin:

I think the Cicaplast range is the best thing for dry skin. I've used most of the range and it's all brilliant. The Baume B5 is a great all purpose intensely hydrating balm that has an easy to use cream texture. I've used it on the body and the face and it works well for both. The lip balm is also excellent and a good one for flying. My standout product has got to be the hand cream, Cicaplast Mains. I've gone through so many tubes, I've lost count. I've also turned many of my family and friends onto it and they love it too. It's very healing for the hands, yet it doesn't leave the skin greasy in any way.

Sensitive Skin:

The Toleriane range is brilliant for sensitive skin. Everything has been made with as few ingredients as possible and is alcohol, paraben and mineral oil free. The texture of all of the products I've tried are also really lovely. I was expecting the textures to be completely different seeing as though they contain so few ingredients, but they're not. The Dermo Cleanser* is great for removing make up without aggravating the skin or eyes. I also love using this as a morning cleanser.

The Ultra Fluid* is a great one if you've got sensitive combination skin because it soothes the skin and hydrates it, but it doesn't leave a greasy finish. I've been using this as my day cream for summer. They also have one for drier skin types which is also excellent. I prefer to use that in winter when my skin is at its most sensitive due to the elements. I'm also a massive fan of the Ultra Eye Contour Cream*. In fact, it's my favourite product of the Toleriane range. It's so soothing and hydrating and I've noticed a big difference in the texture of my under eye area. I also recommend this range if you suffer from hay fever.


I'm calling this collection of products 'extras' because whilst most of them fit into a specific range, I haven't tried anything else from that range.

I think anyone suffering from breakouts, whatever your age or skin type, should try Effaclar Duo Plus. It not only helps get rid of those pesky breakouts, but it also fade scars. I did a post on it when it was first released where you can see some before and after pictures. I was amazed at how well the scars faded.

Serozinc is a bit of a cult product for the brand. It's a zinc sulphate solution that is supposed to be for oily blemish prone skin, but my dry dehydrated skin loves it. A quick spritz balances it out and helps heal my skin if I'm breaking out or if I've have any residual scarring

I also recommend the Thermal Spring Water Spray* which pretty much saves my skin in the summer. I get terrible eczema flare ups on my body during the summer and this helps calm the rash and itchiness. It's also just very soothing and refreshing in the heat and humidity.

If you're looking for a new SPF, I highly recommend the Anthelios range. I haven't tried everything, but I've heard nothing but good things about the other products. My SPF of choice is the XL Comfort Cream*. It's designed for dry skin and is really hydrating without being heavy or greasy. Makeup sits well on top of it and best of all, it doesn't give me a white cast or break me out.

La Roche Posay is such a brilliant brand that I recommend to just about everyone. I always get excited when they release a new product and I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

What's your favourite La Roche Posay product?

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  1. I love La-Roche Posay too! Been trying to get my hands on Serozinc for months now!


    1. It's available on escentual.com for such a great price!

  2. I love La Roche Posay! My mom has their products and I always used to secretly use them because they were amazing, hahaha! I haven't used any for a while, though... and the Effaclar Duo Plus sounds like something I might want to try! Great post :)

    Akino | akinokiki.blogspot.ca

    1. Haha, I used to do that with my mum's makeup! Effaclar Duo Plus is so good, I always go back to it. Thank you :)