22 July 2016

Bare Minerals Original Powder Foundation: Worth the Hype?

Powder foundations are very new to me. Sure, I've heard about them and seen plenty of reviews but my dry skin never really gravitated towards them. It wasn't until my mum wanted to buy the Bare Minerals Original Powder Foundation (£26.50) that I thought maybe I should give it a go.

Despite being a powder, it doesn't have a matte finish which is a pleasant surprise. It's by no means dewy but it does have a natural skin like finish. It's so light on the skin and doesn't look cakey or feel heavy. That being said, I'm not entirely convinced by it. I've tried applying it lots of different ways but I can't quite get it to look right on me. Something looks off.

I normally use a buffing brush but I have heard that a sponge actually works quite well. If anything is going to make a foundation work, it's a Beauty Blender. The coverage is medium and definitely build-able. The one tip I'd give is to spray your face with Mac Fix Plus so you don't get a powdery finish, especially if you're applying multiple layers.

I'm sure that this is just personal preference because when my mum wears it, her skin looks amazing. I think the reason it doesn't quite work for me is because my skin is so dry. If I prep my face with a glowy primer, I do tend to get better results. This would be the ideal summer foundation for oily skin and its lasting power is just incredible. I'm going to be slightly annoying here and say I'm a bit on the fence. I can see why people love it, however, the original formula doesn't quite do it for me.

What are your thoughts on the iconic Bare Minerals Original Powder Foundation?

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