29 July 2016

GHD Aura Hairdryer Review

I normally just buy straighteners from GHD, but after hearing such good things about their other tools, I decided to take the plunge and get the Aura Hairdryer (£145).

My hair is extremely thick, curly and frizzy. Monica Geller ain't got nothing on me! This is easily the best hair dryer I've used. It makes my unruly hair so manageable and smooth. Not even straighteners get my hair that smooth. The results last too, in fact it looks just as good the next day. The Laminair Technology means you get a very concentrated stream of air enabling you to get more control and volume. I rarely get volume at the roots since my hair is so thick, but I get such a good lift with this dryer. 

I also really like the fact that the nozzle gets hot on the inside and the outside stays cool. It means that you don't burn yourself and it precisely heats the section you want. I just can't get over how smooth it makes my hair. I don't get any fly aways, and my hair looks so shiny and soft. You get a really professional finish in just 10 minutes. 

Given its price, I was very sceptical and hesitant, but I'm so impressed. I would definitely repurchase it. It's more of an investment hairdryer and I have a feeling it's going to last a long time too. I've been using GHD's for years and once again, they've proved to me why they deserve their excellent reputation.

You can get the GHD Aura on their website, as well as on LookFantastic and John Lewis. They usually do run offers too, so it's worth waiting for that. I got mine for £120 from LookFantastic. 

What's your favourite hairdryer?

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