26 September 2016

The Makeup Bag Every Girl Needs

Trying to find a makeup bag that fits everything you need, seems like an easy task. It's not. I don't want those dainty pretty ones that fit a few bits in. I want it to fit my brushes, tools and my makeup. I want it all. Enter Zoeva.

The Zoeva Makeup Tote Zoe Bag is probably the best purchase I've made in a while. With three zipped sections and a whole load of compartments, it fits everything you could possibly need and more. The front section has a side with two zipped net compartments, ideal for mascaras and lipsticks and any little accessories like cotton buds and spare spoolies. The other side has clear plastic pocket sections which fit bottles such as Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray and Mac Fix Plus. It even fits my Beauty Blender and the container I keep it in. 

The middle section has elasticated tabs which perfectly fit makeup brushes. All of the bushes (and more) in My Makeup Brush Capsule post fit in this section. The final section is where I store my actual makeup. It has three plastic covered button up compartments. I used one for my base products, one for cheek products and one for eyeshadows and brow products. Again, everything fitted so perfectly. At the bottom is a little area for any thin pencils like eyeliners and lip liners. My only critique is that I'd prefer four of the button sections. I didn't really use the space for pencils so another plastic pocket would be great. 

The bag is excellent quality. The leather is soft and textured so it doesn't scratch easily. The zippers are also very smooth and easy to use. It's a smart looking bag and one I wouldn't hesitate to bring on a professional job. I also like how easy it is to clean. I can just take a makeup wipe to clean up any spills and it doesn't ruin the leather. 

It costs £42 which may seem like a lot for a makeup bag, but it fits so much and I definitely think it will stand the test of time. I can travel with ease and not have to worry about my foundations leaking and ruining my brushes because they're stored separately, but still in one bag. If you travel a lot, or are a makeup artist, it's a brilliant investment.

You can find in on BeautyBay.com.

What's your favourite makeup bag?

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  1. This looks perfect! I have been on the hunt for a decent size bag with different compartments for so long.

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