07 October 2016

Coconut Oil: Does it Really Work?

We've all heard that coconut oil is an amazing beauty product. It's a fairly inexpensive way of treating your skin and body with a bit of love. But does it actually work, and do the results last?

In short, yes! I love using it as a pre shampoo treatment to really hydrate my hair and scalp. I apply quite a bit from root to tip, really working it into the scalp. Not only does it deeply condition the hair, but it helps keep your scalp nice and healthy. I try and leave it on for at least an hour for it to soak in. I do have to shampoo my hair at least three times to rinse it out, but it's worth it. My hair feels so smooth and looks incredibly healthy and shiny. I've not used it for a couple of week and my goodness can I tell a difference. It doesn't have the softness or shine that I crave. I absolutely recommend coconut oil for your hair.

The next way I've been use it is as a moisturiser for my feet. I'll exfoliate them using my Micropedi and then slather on the coconut oil and put on some fluffy socks. That combination is pure gold. Not only does it make your feet look so healthy and feel so smooth, but the oil is treating the nails and making them stronger. You also get immediate results. I do this nearly every single day and while it can be a bit of a chore, my skin thanks me for it. Just because it's getting colder, doesn't mean we can't have summer ready feet all year round!

I haven't tried oil pulling, honestly, the idea of it makes me queasy. My mum on the other hand is much braver than me and swears by it. Just remember to spit it on a tissue and throw it away. If you spit it in the sink, it'll solidify and block the pipes. You see why I feel queasy?

There are so many ways of using coconut oil and I've only touched the surface. I really want to try cooking with it and using it as a body moisturiser at night. I've also heard it's a great way to remove make up. Try and find a good quality coconut oil too. I've used a run of the mill one and didn't think much of it until I tried the proper organic stuff. I love Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as it's completely organic and is 100% pure coconut oil. You can find it in Sainsbury's for about £6.

What's your favourite way of using Coconut Oil?

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