31 October 2016

Monthly Favourites: October 2016 (And Update)

Well hello again! It's been a couple of weeks but it's good to be back. Given that today is the last day of the month, I thought it a good time for my October favourites. Plus I've got a little update as to where I've been etc.

I've been pretty much relying on Clarins Beauty Flash Balm on no makeup days this month. It's a lightweight cream that makes the skin look really healthy and glowy. There's no shimmer or even sheen, it just gives a natural glow. To go along with that, is the Niod Photography Fluid. I'm still in awe over this product as I've never come across anything like it. It's a colour correcting fluid that blurs any imperfections, especially on camera. I like to mix it in with the Clarins to create a lovely fresh even base.

Keeping with the glowy theme, is the Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask. Double Glow is right! This exfoliating mask contains a physical and chemical exfoliator that buffs away any dead skin to reveal a smooth radiant complexion. My skin has been quite bumpy and this mask just sorts it out. It feels so refreshing and despite working wonders, it's surprisingly gentle.

I've got two nail polish favourites this month, both from Essie. First up is Bordeaux which is a beautiful deep red. It's such an 'Autumn' shade and looks stunning on the nails. It applies really smoothly and lasts well too. I've also been loving Bahama Mama (cracking name!) which is a deep berry purple. It's so glossy and dark, perfect for this time of year.

My blogger of the month is Elaine McCardel from The Italian Dish Blog. I discovered her blog a couple of weeks ago and instantly fell in love. A blog dedicated to Italian food, how much better can life get?! Elaine goes into so much detail and thoroughly explains each process with pictures. It makes me want to get up and get cooking. There are so many recipes for vegetarians and non vegetarians, I really recommend giving it a read.

I was looking for a new book to read and stumbled across a historical fiction series about Eleanor of Aquitaine written by Elizabeth Chadwick. I read a lot and I haven't been this excited about a book in ages. I've read The Summer Queen and am over half way through The Winter Crown. I love reading historical novels about strong women. It's so empowering and interesting to read about women who have shaped the world, in a time when they were deemed 'only useful for child bearing.' I cannot wait to continue with the series.

Before I sign off, I thought I'd give another update on a few things. As I mentioned in my last post, life is very busy at the moment and unfortunately, it's not the good kind of busy. I'm a bit all over the place so I decided to reduce my posts from three times a week, to twice a week. I'll be posting on Monday's and Friday's. Hopefully things are going to calm down soon and I can go back to my full schedule, but right now, twice a week is what I've got to do.

What have you been loving this month? 

Thanks for reading,

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