04 November 2016

Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette: Worth the Hype?

I hauled the Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette way back in August and I can't believe it has taken me this long to review it! It's so hyped up, the blogger in me wanted to see if it was worth it.

I'm not sure it is. It pains me to write that, I mean, look how gorgeous it is. However, something about it, doesn't sit well with my skin. The palette contains four shades, three of which are creams and one is a powder. They swatch beautifully and are incredibly pigmented. The creams in particular have a very smooth consistency and feel buttery soft. Since they are so creamy, they're not that long lasting.

Top-Bottom: Antique Bronze, Renaissance Gold, Royal Gold and Platinum

I think the combination of shades is great because there's a good mix of warm and cool tones. Platinum is a white cream with a lilac sheen. I personally don't find it flattering on my skin tone, but I think it would suit fair skin really well. Royal Gold is a pale light gold cream that has a shimmer running through it. It doesn't sit well on my skin at all. It's too chunky and glittery, which is strange because it doesn't swatch like that.

My favourite shade is Renaissance Gold which is very similar to Royal Gold, but it's more of a true gold and the formula is much better. It doesn't have any noticeable shimmer and blends easily. Antique Bronze is the only powder, and as the name would suggest, it's a warm antique bronze. It's beautiful, if a little powdery. It's a tricky one to use as a highlight, but it makes a good eyeshadow. I need to play around with this particular shade more to get to grips with it. All of the creams have a very dewy metallic finish which I love. I adore the liquid metal effect.

There's no denying that the palette is stunning. It's a nightmare to photograph, but it's very pretty, so that makes up for everything! Despite my reservations, I'm still drawn to it as I have a feeling I'll come to love it. For £9.99, it's a pretty good deal and I think it's worth a try. Is it worth the hype? I don't think so, but it's a lovely product nonetheless and one I'm sure I'll use.

What are your thoughts on this beautiful looking palette?

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  1. I love the palette but don't seem to be going back to it as much as I thought I would be?!

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

    1. I was just underwhelmed by it. When I swatched it in store, I was so excited, but I think the formula needs to be improved a little bit.

  2. I love this palette but I definitely prefer the Solstice one as I'm not big on cream highlights and that one only has one!

    Coleoftheball xx

    1. I definitely want to try another shade of the palette as so many people love them! Maybe the powder one will be more to my liking!