09 January 2017

An Honest Update

Hello everyone! Today's post is not what I intended, but when does life go to plan? After attempting to write a nice beauty post, I just had to stop. My head and heart weren't in it. The reason being, I'm facing some rather large challenges at home. My mum has been very ill for the past few months and it's fairly serious. My main focus at the moment is my mummy and looking after her. So I'm going to take a couple weeks off from blogging. In that time, I hope to create some really great content and get ahead of the game as it were. I have no idea what the next few months are going to entail as we are currently waiting for appointments and results etc. Anyone who has been through something similar will understand how incredibly difficult it is to be in limbo. I'm hoping to be back soon and once we know exactly what we're facing, things should hopefully improve.

Thank you for always being so lovely!

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