24 November 2017

Beauty Products Worth Repurchasing #2

Hourglass Ambient Blushes, Hourglass Strobe Blushes, Mac Cream Colour Base Hush, Beauty Blender

Following on from my first post, today I'm sharing three more beauty products that I think are completely worth repurchasing!

Beauty Blender:

I don't know where I'd be without my Beauty Blender. Foundation goes on so smoothly and never cakes when you use it. You can really blend product into the skin to create a seamless, flawless yet natural finish. If you use yours a lot, be sure to microwave for around 20-30 seconds before washing it, to kill of any breakout causing bacteria. Beauty Blenders don't last a lifetime, they are sponges after all, but they last at least 6 months and I honestly wouldn't hesitate buying more.

Mac Cream Colour Base in Hush:

This peachy pink cream highlighter is the perfect highlight for all skin tones. It's so dewy, but it doesn't settle into lines or pores. It lasts all day and is such an easy one to use. I also love how it layers underneath other products and although intense, it's surprisingly natural. I've done a whole post (or two) about my love for this beauty so if you're not convinced, hopefully that will persuade you!

Hourglass Blushes:

Both the Strobe Lighting and Ambient Lighting blushes from Hourglass are incredible. I've completely fallen in love with the light finely milled formula. Each blush is soft and offers a beautiful subtle flush of colour. My personal favourites are Mood Exposure (Ambient Blush) and Brilliant Nude (Strobe Blush). If I were to compare them to other blushes, there's something really unique about the way these sit on the skin. They look so natural that you can't really tell where the blush starts or ends which is exactly what I want.

What beauty products would you repurchase?


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