01 December 2017

Tips for Fighting a Cold

With it being the season for colds, I thought I'd share my tips on how I cope when I'm all stuffy and sniffly. 

Quick disclaimer, I'm not a doctor. When in doubt, get it checked out. 

Honey and Lemon Tea:

I live on this stuff when I've got a cold. It's so soothing and comforting when you've got a sore throat and are really stuffy. A teaspoon of honey, a few slices of lemon, some ginger and a generous amount of black pepper topped with hot water will do you wonders. Black pepper may seem unconventional, but it really wakes you up and helps clear the nose. Lemon is full of vitamin C which is so important when you've got a cold and honey coats the back of the throat making it feel less like sandpaper. You can even add a bit of cinnamon too. 


As soon as I have a hint of a sore throat, I start gargling. Fill a mug with warm water (as hot as you can tolerate) and mix in half a teaspoon of salt. If you're feeling brave, add a quarter teaspoon of turmeric. It'll help loosen any mucus. It may taste vile, but it works. Repeat it three times a day if you can and you'll notice a difference. 

Echinacea Drops:

At the first sign of a cold, I have a little echinacea in some water, at least twice a day. Whether it's a placebo effect, or it scientifically works, it's effective.

Eucalyptus Oil:

A few drops of this on a tissue is an excellent decongestant. You can also add a few drops to a candle and burn it as it's naturally antiseptic. If you're really struggling, put a few drops in a bowl of hot water and have a steam. It really helps clear the passages and will probably help you sleep at night. 

I like to burn candles with scents such as Clove, Lemon and Frankincense. They're great when you have a cold and they lift the mood. A good alternative would be to fill a pan with lemon, ginger, cloves, peppercorns and cinnamon sticks, top it with water and boil it. It will scent the room and clear the air, but you know, it smells amazing, which is really why I do it. It's like the scent of Christmas in a saucepan. 

If you're of legal age, a little shot of whiskey does wonders when you have a cold. Have it straight or in your honey lemon tea. It's instant relief when you have a sore throat and it will warm you right up.

As unconventional as these tips are, they usually work for me, so I hope they help you.



  1. Nice post! Thanks for sharing tips like these :)