05 March 2018

Life Lately

It's been a long time since I've sat down and written a blog post. As always, I never intended to take such a long break, but hey, that's life. The past few months have been a bit of a blur. I resumed treatment for my M.E and my symptoms were really bad for about 2-3 months, meaning I wasn't able to do anything. Things are starting to get back on track though, so I've had a bit more energy to work on my blog and just generally have felt a bit more like myself.

There isn't too much to update you on really. Nothing particularly exciting has been happening, but I'm so excited to be back blogging. I feel like every time I take a break, I come back with a clear idea of what I want to do and create. Last year I introduced more lifestyle into my blog and did quite a few posts on mental health and invisible illnesses. I really want to do more this year and have a few lined up for the next few months. Saying that, beauty is still very much what this blog is about and I'm hoping now I'm getting my energy back, I'll have the strength to do a bit more makeup. I don't think I've actually worn makeup since November!

That's about it really. I'm sticking to posting twice a week, on Monday's and Friday's, so I'll see you then!


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